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Stone Throne

Funny village chief joke picture

Chief Walladingdon was unhappy. He'd heard that the neighbouring chief, Saywhat, had acquired a new throne, made out of solid marble. Chief Walladingdon was more than unhappy - he was incensed! Was he not a great chief? Did he not too deserve a throne made out of stone? Who was this upstart chief that dared to insult him like this, challenge his supremacy even!!

So Chief Walladingdon ordered a raiding party to sneak up to Chief Saywhat's village that night, and steal the throne from the chief's grass hut while he slept.

Night came, and the raiding party departed. It was full moon, and the venture was as risky as anything they had done before, but they returned successfully, lugging the throne triumphantly.

Chief Walladingdong was extatic, but also a little worried. Chief Saywhat would suspect him and come looking for his throne. So Chief Walladingdong hid the throne in the loft of his grass hut and proceeded to wait in his hut for the anticipated arrival of his rival.

He did not have to wait long. The jungle vibrated with the sounds of war drums. Chief Saywhat was on his way.

Time passed.

Chief Walladingdong waited in his hut.

Suddenly, with an almighty crash, the throne fell through the roof of his hut and killed him instantly.

Chief Saywhat arrived shortly afterwards, laughed at his crushed rival, took the throne back to his village, but not before burning Chief Walladingdong's village to the ground and stealing his prized clamshell collection.

And the moral of this sad tale of woe?

"People who live in grass houses should not stow thrones."

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