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Breakup Revenge Joke

Funny Joke - Breakup - Divorce - Picture
It had been a bitter divorce. Joe had left her for another woman, and Elaine didn't even get to keep the house. She decided to spend her last evening in celebration and opened a bottle of fine champagne and bought a take away of succulent King Prawns and egg-fried rice.

Elaine spent the evening in front of a log fire, mulling over the treachery of her husband. She finished the champagne but not the prawns - these she decided she would leave for her husband, hidden away in the hollow curtain rods!

The next day came and Elaine moved out, while her husband moved in with his new girl-friend. Elaine and Joe did not speak to each other.

After a week, Joe and his girl-friend began to notice a rotting smell about the house. They opened all the windows, spring cleaned the house, got the carpets and curtains cleaned, but to no avail. The stench got worse. They resorted to replacing all the carpets and curtains but still the house stank. Eventually they had to move out!

The house remained empty for many months.

One day, Joe bumped into Elaine at the shops. They inquired politely after each other and Joe happened to mention that the house was empty. Elaine said she missed the house immensely so Joe offered to sell, knowing full well that the house stank to high heaven!

The deal was done and Joe and his girl friend stripped the house of all their possessions: the furniture, the carpets, the lamp fittings, the kitchen appliances, the toilet roll holder, the curtains, and even the curtain rods...

Funny Joke - Breakup