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Wi Jammin' Jokes

Funny Joke Wi Jammin' Horse Picture
What do hippy horses eat?
Hay, man..

You'll never guess who I bumped into at Specsavers the other day?

A neutron walks into a bar and asks for a beer. The barman gives him a beer. 'How much will that be?' asks the neutron. 'For you?' replies the bartender, 'No charge'

I saw six men kicking and punching the mother inlaw, My neighbour said 'Are you going to help'
I said no six Should be enough!!!!!

Whats E.T. short for.?
Because he has little legs........

Man walks into a bakers and says 'is that a cake or a merangue'?.
Boy behind the counter says 'no you're right, it's a cake'.

How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts?
Wi Jammin!

What do Pink Floyd and Princess Diana have in common?
Their last hit was the wall.

Did you hear about the scarecrow that got an honourary degree from Edinburgh University???
He was outstanding in his field!

Father and son are at home watching Father Ted.
Son asks his dad, "Is it true that Ted is dead?"
Father says, "Yes son he is."
"Is he in Heaven?" asks the son.
Father says, "Of course he is, he's not a real Priest."

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