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Elixir of Life Joke

Funny Joke - Elixir of Life
The whole dig was awash with excitement. They had found it, the long sought after recipe for the elixir of life, inscribed on a wall in the tomb of Rameses II. Unfortunately the last line had faded and had to be sent off for analysis, so John sat in his lab waiting, waiting, waiting. Finally he could wait no more so he translated the recipe, brewed the potion, not worrying about the last ingredient, and drank it all. A strange sensation passed over him, a certain light headiness, then pain: first light, then sharp, then agony, then darkness as he fell to the floor dead.

His fax kicked into action and delivered a piece of paper on which was printed the last line of the recipe: "For external use only."

(Very Funny Joke - Elixir of Life)