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Funny Story - Jim Cremation

She kept him in an urn on the mantlepiece where she could keep an eye on him.

He had been a bit of trouble at first when they got married, had ideas of independence and collaboration, but she'd soon put an end to that.

She chose him for his career prospects and his average looks - good looking husbands tend to go astray. He attended all their social gatherings with her, learning the art of small talk and name dropping, but over the years he became quite grey and withered so she left him at home where he tended to the house and pottered about.

The heart attack not long after came as a relief to her since she was still young enough to enjoy the ample life insurance policy she had made him take out.

She absentmindedly tipped the ash from her cigarette into the urn, as so many times before, but noticed with some surprise that Jim seemed to be looking well, or at least was putting on some weight.

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