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Sociology Experiment Joke

Funny Joke - Sociology Experiment

For the purposes of a study into national stereotypes, a German, a Frenchman and a Chinaman were shipped to a deserted island and instructed to create a mini-society. The German was made responsible for infrastructure (buildings, roads etc), the Frenchman for social aspects (food, entertainment) and the Chinaman for supplies.

3 months later, the ship returned to the island to survey the results of their efforts, but were surprised to find the German and the Frenchman sitting idly on the beach.

"Where are the items you were given responsibility for?" they were asked by the study leader.

"Je ne c'est pas, " the Frenchman shrugged, "we had not ze provisions to build or cook or to make l'ambiance."

"What happened to the Chinaman then? He was responsible for the supplies!"

The German replied: "Ve hef not see him for tree muntz."

"But this is very concerning! We need to find him!"

So immediately the group set off into the jungle in search of the missing Chinaman. They searched high and low until suddenly from behind a bush, leapt a very excited Chinaman shouting: "SUPPLIES!!"

(Funny Joke - The Best Joke In The World - Sociology Experiment)

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