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Nile River Joke

Funny Joke - Nile River
Every year the Nile is meant to flood its banks and provide much needed irrigation and fertile soil to farming communities on its banks. But this year, like the last, and many before, the Nile had not flooded, and Egypt was in danger of severe famine.

Pharaoh however was unconcerned. It would be fine next year. This was a temporary glitch, nothing to worry about.

This went on year after year until his people had had enough - Egypt declared Pharaoh insane and he was locked up.

At his first mandatory therapy session a bemused Pharaoh asked the therapist: “I don't understand. What is the problem?”

The therapist paused, reflected for a while, then raised his eyes wisely and replied, “Its simple. You have issues with denial.”

Funny Joke - Nile River