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Dubious Hobbit One-Liner Jokes

Hobbit One-Liner Jokes
Hobbit One-Liner Jokes

How did the hobbit ruin the boxing match?   He tried to destroy the ring!

What did the drunken hobbit say when he bumped into the wizard? Saruman, I didn’t see you there!

Why did Frodo read The Lord of the Rings 50 times?  Because it was hobbit-forming!

How many quarters does it take to play the new Lord of the Rings pinball game? None -- it only takes Tolkiens!

What is Gollum's favorite bird?  A Smea-gull!

Why was it so hard to storm Sauron's lair? Because no matter how many doors you opened, there were always Mor dor!

What did Frodo say when he saw the trees dancing?  "That’s ENT-ertainment!"