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Children One Liners

Funny Jokes - Children One Liners

  • What stars wear glasses?  Film stars
  • Why do bees hum? Cause they don't know the words!!
  • What do you get if you cross a centipede and a parrot?  A walkie-talkie
  • What did the dentist say when his wife baked a cake? Can I do the filling?
  • What do dentists call an astronaut's cavity? A black hole.
  • What do you get if you add 4,657 and 7,854, then subtract 678 and divide the answer by 62? A headache.
  • Where Do Cows Go On Their Holidays? Moo York!
  • What does the easter rabbit say to children? Hoppe Easter everyone!
  • What has eyes but cannot see? A potato
  • What has teeth but cannot eat? A comb
  • What did the spaceman say when he set foot on a giant chocolate bar?  I have just set foot on Mars!
  • What did the traffic light say to the car? Don't look at me while I'm changing!
  • Where do baby gorillas sleep?  In an ape-ri-cot.
  • What did one wall say to the other?  Meet you at the corner.

And for something longer...

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Scott who?
Scott nothing to do with you!

Pupil: Sir,would you punish someone for something they didn't do?
Teacher:Of course not.
Pupil:Oh good, because I didn't do my homework.

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