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Hilarious Sign Collection

Funny Signs Communion Warning
Funny Signs - Warning articles of value should not be left on seats whilst receiving holy communion
Funny Sign Bikers
Hikers and bikers move to the side of the road when a vehicle approaches
Funny Sign Dead Peoples Things For Sale
Dead peoples things for sale
Funny Sign Fence
Please do not sit on the fence
Funny Sign Fire Hazard
Extreme fire hazard - don't even fart in the forest
Funny Signs Take Luggage of Foreigner
The luggage of foreigner no charge
Funny Signs Funeral Come a little closer
Come a little closer
Funny Signs Bus Bench
Bus bench for humans only
Funny Signs Bus Bench
No photography - the animals are highly sensitive
Funny Signs Toilet
Dear automatic flushing toilet, I appreciate the enthusiasm... but I wasn't finished sign
Funny Signs Gumballs
Caution!! Gumballs and bouncing balls mixed together
Funny Signs kitchen assisstant required english essencial
Kitchen assistent required, good English essencial, apply within
Funny Signs do you know
Did you know?
Funny Signs beware loose sand
Caution beware loose sand - oops
Funny Signs Lost Parrot
Parrot lost sign - parrot BBQ
Funny Signs No Swimming
No swimming in the sand
Funny Signs Paddle Faster Banjos
Funny paddle faster I hear banjos sign picture
Funny Signs No Pants Allowed
Sandals only - strictly enforced - no pants allowed
Funny Signs Sex Sells
Ready when you are tiger! Ernie's body and auto glass repair
Funny Signs Tattoos
Tattoos hurt - do not whine - ask to stop - pass out
Funny Signs Free Tree Hugs
Free hugs
Funny Signs Warning Splatter
Mind the hippo splatter
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