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Hobbit Life Quotes

Funny Hobbit Tolkien Quotes
Funny Hobbit Tolkien Quotes

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.”

“Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”

“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.”

“Short cuts make for long delays.”

“You have nice manners for a thief and a liar," said the dragon.”

“I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it's very difficult to find anyone.'
I should think so — in these parts! We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!”

“May the hair on your toes never fall out!”

“Trolls simply detest the very sight of dwarves (uncooked).”

Funny Lord of the Rings Legolas Hobbit

Funny Lord of the Rings Hobbit Quotes Tolkien

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