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Suicide Bomber Jokes

Funny Suicide Dog Woman Joke Photo
Funny Suicide Bomber Dog Woman Joke - That moment when the phrase we're gonna have a blast takes on new meaning


Funny Picture - How do you know if there is a terrorist at the airport?
Funny Picture - How do you know if there is a terrorist at the airport?

A Terrorist Tale

I have wanted to be a terrorist ever since I was small and my uncle Abdul blew himself up in London and got his picture on the black and white television in our lounge. I asked my mother where one could learn how to be a terrorist but she just slapped me and told me to finish my homework; my father was not much help either, preferring to stare dreamily at me with unseeing eyes as he sat under the dead cypress tree. So I ran away from home and headed towards Kabul by bus where I met some more informed people who told me the way to terrorist school and took all my money since they reckoned Allah would provide enough reward in the Paradise, and many virgins besides (though I wasn't sure what those were).

So there we stood, a rag bag group of youngsters with a common purpose - to die in glory (or on television) - filled with the thrill of Jihad as we braved the piercing sun and stared intently at our instructor who was wrapped up in dynamite, thumb poised on the detonator.

“Ok, listen up, you worms”, he said (I think he liked American movies), “and watch carefully because I'm only going to do this once.”

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