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World War II Joke

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Funny World War II Joke - I think the prisoner is trying to escape

An English airman crashed behind enemy lines where he was captured and transferred to a German concentration camp.

Unfortunately he became very ill with advanced gangrene owing to his crash injuries and had to have his left leg amputated. He requested that his amputated leg be dropped over England during the next bombing run as he wanted to be buried there. The camp commander was asked for permission which he gave.

The gangrene progressed and the Englishman had to have his right leg amputated. Again he asked to have his limb dropped over England and again the camp commander assented.

The gangrene spread to the Englishman's left arm and this too had to be amputated and was dropped over England.

But this did not stop the spread of the gangrene to his right arm, which also had to be amputated. This time however the camp commander declined the request to have the limb dropped over England: "I tink ze prizoner ees trying too escape!"