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Silly Italian Hamster Tail

Once uponna time was hamster - his name Angelo.  He Italiano. 

Ciao, Angelo!

Funny Hamster Photo Lettuce

But Angelo so tired - he no likeda lettuce.

Funny Hamster Photo Biscuit

And he no likeda biscotti no more.

All he want is da pasta.  But he couldn't eatta da pasta- it was too hard.

Funny Hamster Photo Pasta

So he became sad. Very sad. 
How could he be Italian and not eatta da pasta??

Funny Hamster Photo Crying Sad

And he became sick. Very sick.

Miserable Hamster

His owner, she start to worry.

Worried hamster

 But then got idea brillante!! 

 She makeda pasta for him!

Angelo sniffy-sniffy.  Issa dream?  
Issa dead? Mama?

Angelo know issa real pasta! Pasta con molto cheesi.

 Angelo so happy!  He Italian after all!

He live happily ever after.

And he do Italian things.

Happy hamste picture