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Brothel Parrot Joke

Funny Brothel Parrot Joke Photo Image
Funny Brothel Parrot Joke Photo Image
A woman walks into a pet store and sees a handsome bright red parrot. She asks the cashier how much the parrot is. The cashier says, "I'll sell it, but I should warn you: it was donated by a brothel, so it might have picked up some colourful language."
The woman says, "Oh, that's okay." She buys the parrot and takes it home. 
When she takes the towel off its cage, the parrot looks at her and says, "Awk. New madam. Hello madam."
A few hours later, the woman's two teenage daughters come home from school. The parrot looks at them and says, "Awk. New girls. Hello girls."
A couple hours after that, the woman's husband comes home from work. The parrot looks at him and says, "Awk. Hi Phil."
Funny Brothel Parrot Joke Photo Image