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Surgery Operating Theatre

"So, Mr Jones, we meet again."
I squinted up at the surgeon, puzzled.
"Don't mind him," said the anaesthetist seated at my head. "It's a James Bond reference."
"Ah," I replied.
The surgeon's eyes crinkled with mirth.  "Yes, sorry.  I can't seem to shake the habit.  But, anyway, we're here to operate on your knee?"
I nodded.
"And," he continued, looking at the chart hanging next to him, "it's the left knee."
I nodded again.
The surgeon frowned and glanced over at the anaesthetist. "Is that my left, or yours?"
I was about to reply, when he winked at me.
"I'm just messing with you.  Aren't I, Stan?"
The anaesthetist nodded.  "Yes, he does this all the time."
The surgeon continued, "We like to have some fun.  Surgery can be such a boring business."
I smiled uncertainly.
"Anything else you want doing while we're in?  Appendix out perhaps? No extra charge."
I shook my head.
"No?  Okay, well, Stan let's begin."
The anaesthetist placed a mask over my mouth, and slowly the room faded from view.  The last I heard was the surgeon humming the Ride of the Valkyries.

(Source: The Oddest Box)