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German Catholic Confessional Joke

Now I'll add the auto-tune and the remix of your confession is bound to be a Youtube sensation!
Funny German Confessional Joke

A German goes into a confession booth, and says, "Please forgive me father for I have sinned."

The priest responded, "What is your sin my child?"

The man replies, "During WWII I took in a Jewish man and hid him in my attic."

The priest exclaims, "Good sir, that is not a sin at all. That was a righteous burden you took upon yourself. You should be proud of your actions."

The man hesitates for a moment and then says, "Well... I had him pay rent."

The priest says, "Yes, that isn't the most Christian thing to do... however it is not a sin."

The man then smiles, feeling cleared of all wrongdoing, and gets up to leave.  But then he pauses once more and says, "Father?"

"Yes my child?"

"Do I have to tell him that the war is over?"