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Lego Gangsters Cartoon

It ain't working, boss.  He's just floating
Funny Lego Gangsters Joke Cartoon Picture - It ain't working, boss.  He's just floating

An old man, sitting on his porch one nice day, sees a chubby little boy walk down the street to the store. On the way back the boy is carrying six chocolate bars, and proceeds to sit down not far from the old man's lawn, peel open the chocolate bar wrappers one by one, and eat the candy inside. When the boy is on his fourth chocolate bar the old man can't contain himself any longer.
Marching over to the boy he says, "Son, you just can't eat like that. You're going to get fat, you're going to be unhealthy, you're going to die too young!"
The boy looks up at him and says, "Well, my grandfather lived to be 96 years old."
The old man says, "Yes, and did he eat six candy bars at a time?"
And the boy replied, "No, he minded his own effin business."