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Old Woman Genie Cat Joke

Funny Old Lady Image
 Funny Old Woman Genie Cat Joke

An old woman is sitting on her porch, petting her beloved cat, when suddenly a genie appears. "Ma'am," he says, "you have lived a good, happy and simple life. I desire to grant you three wishes."

The woman beams, "Oh? How lovely. I have to think, well, I would like to be 18 again."

The genie nods his head and she transforms into her eighteen year-old self.

"I would like lots of money!" she continues.

He nods again and piles of gold and coins pile up beside her.

The woman then says, "My cat here has been loyal and sweet.  Could you turn him into a handsome young man, please?"

The genie smiles and nods his head a third time, before disappearing.

The old lady gasps at the fit, gorgeous and perfect young man standing before her. "Why hello..." she says coyly, fluttering her eyelids.

He scowls at her, "Don't look at me. You had me neutered."