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Blonde Heaven Laughter Test Joke

Find X.  Here it is!
 Funny Blonde Heaven Joke
A blond, brunette, and redhead die in a car accident and go to heaven. At the Pearly  Gates, they are met by a man who tells them that owing to overcrowding there will be an entranc exam: he will tell them one hundred jokes, each progressively funnier, and whoever can listen to all of the jokes without laughing gets to go through, while the others are sent to hell.

The redhead goes first. She laughs at joke #29, and gets sent to hell.

Next, the brunette laughs at joke #53 and gets sent to hell.

The blonde doesn't laugh until joke #99. The man says he will let her through, but asks her why she laughed so far into the test.

She replied, "I just got the first one."