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Irish Paddy Emergency Call

Funny Irish Paddy Emergency Call Joke

"999. What's your emergency?"

"Get an ambulance here, quick!" yelled Paddy.  "Me mate's bleeding from his nose and ears, and I tink both his legs are broken."

"What is your location, sir?" asked the operator.

"I'm outside Hairy Ned's bar on Eucalyptus Street," replied Paddy.

"Sorry sir, I can't quite understand you.  Could you please spell the name of the road?"

Paddy didn't reply, and the operator became increasingly alarmed as she heard nothing but heavy breathing on the line for almost a minute.

"Sir? Are you still there?" she asked.

Eventually Paddy replied, "Yes, sorry 'bout dat... I couldn't spell Eucalyptus, so I just dragged him round to number 3 Oak Street."

(Source: The Oddest Box)

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