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Do You Have Bread?

Funny Do You Have Bread Joke

A big scary man walks into a barber shop and asks the barber, "Do you have bread?"

Confused, the barber replies "Sir, this is a barber shop, not a store." The man punches the barber and leaves.

The next day the same man walks into the barber shop and again asks the barber, "Do you have bread?"

Frightened that he might get punched again the barber politely says, "I am sorry sir, but this is a barber shop. We don't have bread." The man punches him again and leaves.

The next day, the barber brought a variety of bread to the shop and waited for the man. Sure enough he walks in and the barber says, "Oh sir, you are here. We have a variety of bread for you today. Which one would you like to buy?"

The man responds, "I just got bread from the pharmacy down the street. Do you have eggs?"