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Dog Cartoon Collection

Before we get started I'm going to have to ask you to get off the couch
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Adult dog store... inflatable leg

This article says there was a break-in at the museum last night.  I don't suppose you know anything about that.

Can you hear me now?

I met someone wonderful in a chat room... then I found out she's a cat

He's my best friend and he works hard all day.  Couldn't you at least wag your tail?

Hold on a sec, let me check my messages

Wanna go for a ride. Simulator

Dog dishwasher pre-rinse cycle

After consulting with the best minds here at the hospital, the only thing we can come up with is that you should go outside and eat grass

Well tell me Randy, has someone eaten all the refrigerator magnets again?

My feet are just freezing.  Buddy, you think you have problems!

Poor bastard's hooked on crack

I said SIT you idiot!

Go and let the dog in, George - he's whining and scratching at the back door

Dog lick slurp I'm home ha ha I love you too!

Woman lost dog butt crack sign

Why dogs make lousy poke players.  Whooah sounds like Rusty's got a good hand

Bob and steve noticed no one else was wearing a collar.  Suddenly they realized they were in a stray bar

Dog watching tv drinking straw toilet

I got a puppy for my husband.  I think it was a fair trade

I wouldn't laugh Jack I know things about you

Worship me. Have you been feeding him catfood again?
Deforestation dog desperate for a pee

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