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Pinocchio Jokes

 funny pinocchio cartoon joke picture
 funny pinocchio cartoon joke picture

Pinocchio is walking down the street and bumps into a wizard.

"Hey, Pinocchio," says the wizard, smiling, "give me five bucks and I'll turn you into a real boy."

Pinocchio looks dubious. "What's the catch?"

"No catch," replies the wizard, "Just give me five bucks and I'll turn you into a real boy, no strings attached."


St. Peter was guarding the Pearly Gates, waiting for new souls coming to heaven. He saw Jesus walking by and caught his attention. "Jesus, could you mind the gate while I go do an errand?"

"Sure," replied Jesus. "What do I have to do?"

"Just find out about the people who arrive. Ask about their background, their family, and their lives. Then decide if they deserve entry into Heaven."

"Sounds easy enough. OK."

So Jesus manned the gates for St. Peter. The first person to approach the gates was a wrinkled old man. Jesus asked him to sit down and sat across from him. Jesus peered at the old man and asked, "What did you do for a living?"

The old man replied, "I was a carpenter."

"Oh? Did you have any family?" asked Jesus.

"Yes, I had a son, but I lost him."

Jesus leaned forward, intrigued. "You lost your son? Can you tell me about him?"

"Well, he had holes in his hands and feet."

Jesus leaned forward even more and whispered, "Father?"

The old man leaned forward and whispered, "Pinocchio?"

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