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World's Funniest Dog Gifs

Dog chasing red ball gif picture
The dog that endlessly fails to catch the red ball

Dog scratching boy gif picture
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours

Dogs watching cat fail in box gif picture
Dogs watching the cat fail to find the box

Dog playing fetch gif picture
Sneaky dog playing fetch with passers by

Dog jumping hedge fail gif picture
Poor little doggie fails to jump the little hedge

Dog at open door fail gif picture
Can I come in??

Dog refusing owners kiss gif picture
Don't kiss me! You've had onions!

Dog scratching own back gif picture
Fine! I'll scratch my own back!

Funny Pug climbing stairs gif picture
Pug shows how stairs should be climbed.

Funny dog snow jump fail gif picture
I'll just be a minute!

Dog jumping on sleeping man funny gif picture
Wake up!! Time for the dog's walk!

Funny excited puppy gif picture
Wait for it....