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A Watchful Eye

Funny Joke Old lawyers never die.  They just lose their appeal
Funny Lawyer Barrister Courtroom Murder Joke

"Ladies and gentleman," began the barrister.  "My client stands accused of murdering his wife, but just this minute I have received news that his wife is in fact alive, and will walk through that door any second now."

An expectant silence descended on the courtroom, but nothing happened.

"Intriguing," continued the barrister.  "The fact that you were watching the door, expecting to see the missing woman, proves that you have reasonable doubt as to whether the murder was actually committed."

He then sat down confidently, and smiled as the judge sent the jury off to deliberate, and was still smiling when they returned ten minutes later.  The lead juror stood up and announced the verdict: "Guilty."

"What??" cried the barrister, leaping up. "How can that be? You were all watching the door!?"

The juror replied, "All but one of us, who was watching the defendant, and noticed that he wasn't watching the door either."