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Amish Mall Visit

Funny amish man and his son joke
Funny amish man and his son joke

Jakob had decided, against the will of his Amish elders, to take his son Isaac to the mall.  They spent many an hour wandering about the shops, gawping wide-eyed at the vast array of materialistic splendour, until finally they came to an elevator.

"What is it, Father?" asked Isaac.

"Son, I don't know." replied Jakob.

They stood perplexed, until a fat old lady in a wheelchair arrived and reached forward to press a button. They watched as she waited for the silver doors to slide open, went inside into a little room, and then closed the doors behind her.

"Look Father.  The lights!" said the boy.

Jakob watched the numbered buttons above the silver doors light up, one by one, first increasing, then decreasing, until with a loud 'ding' the silver doors opened again. An attractive blonde walked out, smiling at the Amish pair.

Jakob smiled back awkwardly.  When she was gone, he leaned down and hissed to his son. "Boy, go get your mother."