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An Unfortunate Tale

funny old woman I will read your past present future joke photo

Sheila sat uncomfortably while the frowning old crone peered intently into her hand, tracing the lines of her palm with a leathery finger.

"Is anything the matter?" asked Sheila, with an increasing sense of unease.

The old palm reader looked up. "I am afraid it not good news. I check again, but the same."

"What is it?" asked Sheila.

"You have husband?" asked the old woman.


"He will die this night."

Sheila sat, stunned.  This couldn't be happening to her.  Fortune telling was supposed to be silly nonsense.  It was all Amy's fault - she'd had her future read, but her's was a tall dark rich stranger, not this.

"You want glass water?" asked the palm reader.

Sheila shook her head.  "No, thank you. But ... I must ask you..."


"Will I be acquitted?"
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