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Blonde Flight To Detroit

Blonde Flight To Detroit Funny Joke Story Picture

I eased into the leather chair, thankful for the rare treat of a First Class seat.  The American Airlines flight to Detroit slowly filled with passengers, while the First Class flight attendant handed out newspapers.

Loading finished, and the airplane doors were being shut, when a tall, wobbly blonde pushed through the curtains from economy and sat down in the empty seat next to me.  Our flight attendant approached hurriedly and said, "Excuse me ma'am, but you need to go back to your seat - this is First Class."

The woman looked up at her, fluttered heavily made-up eyelids, and replied, "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, and I'm going to Detroit in this seat."

The flight attendant tried repeatedly, without success, to persuade the woman to return to her seat, and was beginning to turn a delightful shade of pink, when I leaned over and whispered into the blonde's ear.  She looked at me, startled, mumbled profuse apologies, and returned to her seat.

The attendant looked at me with amazement.  "What did you say to her?" she asked.

"I've been married to a blonde woman for many years, and speak blonde.  I told her First Class wasn't going to Detroit."

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