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Comedy Club

Funny comedy club visitor joke picture

I was pleased that Joe had invited me to the comedy club, but I must confess I was a little apprehensive.  Sure, I like jokes, and I think I’m funny, but is my funny their funny?  I decided to play it cool and watch quietly with Joe.

After a welcome from a little man in tweed, and raucous applause from the audience, a man from the table next to me stood up and walked to the front, climbed onto the stage and took the mike.  He cleared is throat and tapped the mike, which whined in protest.  I waited while he squinted in the spotlight.

“Right,” he began, “er, forty-five.”

The room erupted into laughter, and I stared with astonishment as Joe’s eyes flowed with tears and he slapped the table. The man on the stage grinned, clearly pleased with himself, and left the stage.  The laughter died down, and a second man took the mike.

“One hundred and twenty-eight.”

Again, lots of laughter.  I sat, perplexed, and waited until Joe had stopped laughing.

“What’s going on?” I hissed.

He wiped the tears from his eyes and replied, “Oh ... Of course, you’ve not been before - silly me.  See, to give everybody a chance we’ve collected all our jokes into a book, and people just call out the number now.  Saves time.”  He pulled out a hanky and honked his nose loudly.

Interesting, I thought, but not knowing the jokes, I found the next half hour quite dull.  Finally, there was a gap in the flow of jokes, and I decided to make my mark.  I stood up, smiling confidently at a startled Joe, and went forward to take the mike.

“Eighty-nine,” I declared randomly in a strong voice, and waited.

I heard Joe laugh politely, but apart from that the room was silent.  Someone started to clap but nobody joined him.  My face reddened and I returned as quickly to my seat as I could.  Joe looked at me sympathetically as I sat down.

“What was the matter?” I asked.  “Was that not a good joke?”

“Oh, it was,” Joe replied, “but it’s the way you told it.”

 Funny comedy club visitor joke picture