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Fishing Genie

Funny short Irish fishermen joke picture

"Seamus, I tink you got something!" shouted Paddy.

Seamus reeled in his fishing line excitedly, but then frowned. "It's just a rusty old lamp."

"Mebbe it's one of dem magic lamps.  Go one, gissit a little rub."

Seamus looked at the lamp dubiously but gave it a tentative rub. A thin whisp of smoke left the spout, followed by a limp pop as a bedraggled little genie dressed in green appeared.

He looked at the two friends, and said, "Now look here, boys, dere'll be none of dat tree wishes shite here.  You'll have de one wish between yous."

Before Seamus could say anything, Paddy shouted, "Oh, dat's easy.  We want all the water in the world to be beer."

The genie flicked his fingers and disappeared, along with the lamp.

Paddy let out a whoop and leaped into the lake, drinking the water in large gulps.  "It's beer, Seamus!" he shouted.

Seamus shook his head.  "Yer daft egit. Now we'll have to piss in the boat."