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Free Beer For Life

funny bar lifetime beer challenge joke picture
funny bar lifetime beer challenge joke picture

"What's with the 'Free Beer For Life' sign outside?" asked Joe.

"Well," replied the bartender, "that's for our challenge.  Interested?"

"Sure," replied Joe.  "What do I have to do?"

"First you have to drink a pint of our special brew, containing rotten eggs.  Then you have to extract a tooth from Harry."


"Our pet alligator.  He's very grumpy at the moment because of a bad tooth."

"Anything else?"

"And finally you have to have sex with Maisy upstairs.  She's the oldest whore in town, and ugly as sin."

Joe scratched his head for a moment, thought about the lifetime supply of free beer, and then agreed to the challenge.  He downed the foul pint in one go, and then disappeared into the back room where there was a ferocious roar followed by a loud crash and a scream.  The bartender looked around anxiously, but a few moments later Joe returned, smiling triumphantly.

"Right," he said, rubbing his hands. "Where's the whore with the bad tooth?"

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