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Gorilla By Candlelight Joke

funny zoo gorilla mating sex joke picture


The old janitor shuffled over.  "What?"

"I need to ask you a big favour."

"I'm busy raking up the leaves," replied the old man, turning to go.

"It's worth 2000 dollars."


"Yes, it's the female gorilla: Maisie.  She's in heat, but I can't find a mate for her, and she's becoming increasingly agitated."

"I don't know any gorillas, mate."

I smiled at the joke.  "No, I wondered if you would mind having sex with her."

"For 2000 dollars?"

I nodded.

The janitor scratched his grey stubble for a moment, and then replied, "OK, but under three conditions."


"Yes. First: no one must know."


"Second: I won't kiss the beast."

"Sure. And third?"

"I need a bit of time to get the money together."

 funny zoo gorilla mating sex joke