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I Thought You Knew

Bar woman joke picture
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I was a bit stunned when the beautiful woman at the bar bought me a drink and suggested we go somewhere quiet, but I went along with the suggestion and drove to a lovely spot a few miles away.  She began to kiss me passionately, and, well, you know.

Half an hour later we got dressed and sat quietly looking at the view of the city.

"That'll be $100," she said suddenly.


"I'm a hooker. I thought you knew?"

I was not surprised, to be honest - a man with my looks does not land such a stunner for free - but it was still with some reluctance that I paid her.

"Can you take me back to the bar?" she asked, as she took the money.

"Sure thing," I replied. "That'll be $100."


"I'm a cab driver. I thought you knew?"