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Irish Catholic Twins Joke

Funny Joke story - Irish Catholic woman has twins in hospital and has her brother name them

A heavily pregnant young Irish Catholic woman was rushed to hospital by her brother where she delivered twins.  However, because she remained critically ill for many weeks the nurses asked her brother if he would name the children.

When the woman finally recovered, her brother brought the babies in with a big smile on his face. "Here y'are, girl, a fine pair of beauties, to be sure!"

She frowned. "But I was not able to give them a name."

"Don't fret yourself so, girl, tis orl taken care of. I named them meself. De girl I called Denise,"

"Aahhh," she replied, "tis a fine name, to be sure, but what about de boy?"

He answered, "I called him Denephew."

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