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Lie-detector Robot

funny lie-detector robot joke picture

"Dear, do we really have to have that thing hovering about us at dinner table?" asked my wife.

I gave my new lie-detector robot a stubborn look.  "Yes - just today, OK?"

She agreed, and dinner commenced.

"So, son," I said, "have you done your homework?"

He nodded.  Immediately the robot whirred around to his seat and slapped his cheek.

"Aha!" I said.  "Got you!  What did do this afternoon?"

"I was at Joe's house, watching Toy Story," grumbled my son.

The robot slapped him again.

"Ow!" he cried.  "Ok, ok... we were watching porn."

"What??  At your age I didn't even know what porn was!"

The robot whirred around and slapped me.

My wife laughed.  "Well, he certainly is your son!"

The robot turned and slapped her.

The robot is for sale.

 funny lie-detector robot joke picture