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Me Parking Space

Funny little car Irishman PAddy parking space prayer joke

"Aw, feck!" muttered Paddy to himself, as he circled the car park looking in vain for a space. 

In desperation he offered a prayer: "Dear Lord Jesus.  I know I am a sinner and all, and have been all me life, but if you would be so kind as to grant me a parking space so I don't miss me job interview, I would be ever so grateful. I promise I will start going to church every Sunday, like a good Catholic should. Amen."

Immediately a car pulled out in front of him, freeing up a space.

"Ah, never mind, Lord," continued the Irishman.  "I got one already.  Tanks anyway."

 Funny little car Irishman Paddy parking space prayer joke