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Midnight Visitor

funny midnight visitor joke story picture

A man and his wife were woken up in the middle of the night by a loud knock at the door.  Bleary eyed, the husband climbed out of bed and staggered downstairs, muttering various choice profanities.  At the front door stood a disheveled old man, who said, "I'm sorry to have woken you up, but I was wondering if you could help me by giving me a bit of a push?"

"What??" replied the husband incredulously, "You wake me up at midnight for that? Get lost - I have work in the morning" He slammed the door shut and marched back upstairs. As he got into bed his wife asked who was at the door. "Oh, some old fella wanting a push," he replied. "Can you believe it? At this time of night!"

"And you didn't help him?" his wife scolded. "What if it were me and our car broke down? Do you think you'd be happy knowing someone couldn't be bothered to help me?  I think you should go out there and help him right now."

"Oh alright," snapped the husband. He put on his coat and the nearest pair of shoes, and went back downstairs to see if the old guy was still there. Upon opening the door, he couldn't see the man or his car anywhere. "Hello!? Are you still there?" he shouted.

"I'm over here," a voice called out. "On the swings."