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Hiawatha film poster picture

"It's pronounced Leh-stah Square, you dumb foreign f*ck!"

Wladimir didn't need his well-thumbed dictionary to know what f*ck meant.  He mumbled an apology to the angry Londoner and hurried on, past Piccadilly Circus, towards Leicester Square.

Hiawatha, his first English movie!  He was so excited.  The English language had been so hard, the pronunciations so mysterious, and for months he had battled with the likes of heart, beard, heard, dies, diet, Lord and sword. Yet, gradually, he felt he was beginning to grasp it.

He approached the movie theatre and looked up at the billboard.


"Pronounced Success! The Times"

Wladimir threw his dictionary into the nearest bin and walked off.  He was not seen again.

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