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Rembrandt Nude

funny rembrand nude painting joke picture
 funny rembrand nude painting joke picture

"Meister Rembrandt," said Lady Catharina, "thank you for agreeing to paint me, but there is one thing we have not yet discussed."

Rembrandt stopped his preparations and looked up enquiringly.

"Yes," she continued. "I would like you to paint me in the nude."

The old painter was about to object when she continued, "No, I insist. I will pay 1000 gulders extra. Please do not think to refuse me."

He replied, "Well, this is a very unusual request, so please give me a moment to consult with my wife."

He returned smiling a few minutes later, and said, "All right, my wife says it is fine, but you'll have to let me keep my socks on, because of my bad chest."

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