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Three Pints Of Ale

Funny short joke young man brothers pint bar picture

The young man walked into the gloomy bar, sat down, unnoticed by all except the bartender, and ordered three pints of ale.

"Three?" queried the bartender. The young man nodded, paid the bartender, and proceeded to drink all three pints during the course of the evening.

"You know," said the bartender as the young man got up to leave, "the ale is better freshly pulled.  You should order your pints one at a time."

The young man replied, "No, you see, my brothers and I have this arrangement that whenever we are apart we drink a pint for each other.  They're away. fighting in Iraq at the moment."

"Ah," said the bartender.  "that makes sense."

The young man and his three pints became quite a regular feature at bar, until one day he ordered just two pints.  The bar went silent as everyone watched the bartender solemnly pull two pints and place them on the counter before the young man.  "Everything okay?" he asked.

The young man looked up, puzzled at first, then burst out laughing. "Oh, no, my brothers are fine.  I've given up drinking for Lent."
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