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We Share Everything

we share everything funny old couple short joke story picture

Jim watched the old couple shuffle towards the till, the woman hanging on the man's arm reminding him vividly of his own grandma.

"Hi!" he said brightly.  "How may I delight you today?"

The old man looked up at the board, and replied, "A large cheese burger, fries, and a water."

Jim keyed in the order, and then turned to the old woman.  "Will there be anything else?"

She shook her head. "No, thank you. My husband and I share everything."

Jim smiled sympathetically at her, noting the faded dress and scuffed shoes, and then, leaning forward furtively, whispered, "I can do a second meal for free, if you like?"

The old woman shook her head, clearly embarrassed. Jim shrugged, took payment from the man, and watched sadly as the old couple walked painfully towards a spare table next to the window, surrounded by groups of noisy, excited children.  The old man pulled a chair out for his wife, and then, sitting down himself, started to eat the burger while his wife sipped on the water.

Jim was unable to contain himself, and grabbed a burger and fries from the shelf behind him.  He walked quickly towards their table. "Look, I understand you share everything," he said insistently, "but please accept this complimentary burger and fries."

The old woman looked up at him and smiled a toothless grin.  "Thank you, but there is really no need," she said.  "We share everything, and my husband is using the dentures."

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