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Welcome to Hell

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It was Mrs Jones who started screaming first, soon to be followed by others.  I looked up from my Bible towards the front of our little Lutheran church, and then saw him:  a huge, smouldering red beast, sporting horns, forked tail and a vicious tail that scythed from side to side.  Our dear pastor fainted as the beast directed a yellow glare at him, and the church pews emptied faster than you could say the closing Amen.

I, however, remained in my seat, bemused by the mayhem, and somewhat astounded at the accuracy of the medieval depictions of Satan.

The beast lumbered forward slowly, leaving a wake of destruction, but then stopped when he saw me, clearly surprised at my presence.

"And why aren't you afraid of me, puny little man?" he thundered.

I shrugged and replied, "Well, the fact is I've been married to your sister for 25 years."
Funny Hell Satan Church Devil Joke Short Story

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