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Counting Sperm Joke

Funny doctor semen sperm count sample joke cartoon picture
 Funny doctor semen sperm count sample joke cartoon

I handed the old man the sealed glass container.  "I'll need a semen sample, please, Mr Hutton."

He looked uncomfortable.  "Now, Doc?"

"You don't have to," I replied reassuringly.  "Take it home, and bring it back first thing tomorrow.  Just be sure to keep the contents chilled for as long as possible."

He returned the next day, but handed me an empty container.

"Sorry, Doc, just couldn't do it.  First I tried with my right hand, but nothing, then I tried my left hand, but still nothing.

Then I asked my wife.  She tried with both hands but still nothing.  She even tried with her mouth, first with her teeth in, then without, but still no luck.

She then called Arlene, the young lady next door, who tried both hands, mouth, and even tried squeezing it between her knees."

I stared at the old man for a moment, dumbfounded.  "You asked your neighbour?"

"Sure," he replied, "but none of us could get the jar open."