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Father, I'm Cold Joke

funny short joke priest and nun staying at a stone cottage on the irish moors

"Father Murphy?" said the nun.

"Yes, Sister?" murmured the priest drowsily.

"I'm cold."

The priest got up from the floor of the stone cottage and fetched a blanket from the wooden chest.  He handed it to the nun, who lay on a bunk bed.  He settled down again, and attempted to go back to sleep.



"I'm still cold," said the nun.

The priest got up again and fetched a second blanket for the nun.  He lay down with a deep sigh.  They had been hiking through the moors all day, and he was tired.


"Yes, Sister Agnes?"

"I'm still cold."

The priest replied, "Sister Agnes, it seems we have ourselves a little problem that has two possible solutions: I could either fetch you another blanket, or alternatively we could pretend we are a married couple."

"Father," replied the nun huskily, "I think I would like the second option very much."

"Well, in that case, get your own damn blanket, woman!"