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Lottery Dog Joke

funny golden retriever lottery joke picture
funny golden retriever lottery joke picture

Friday night, lottery night, and as usual Bob and Marissa sat slouched in the sofa with mounting anticipation.  Wilfred the dog lay at their feet, trying to sleep, but looking up now and then with hopeful eyes.  Bob smiled at him, “Not long now, boy. We’ll feed you after the numbers come up.”  Wilfred’s ears picked up at the sound of his master's voice and his tail began a tentative wag, but then gave up and sighed deeply.

“Welcome to this week’s Big Bonanza Lotto Draw”, droned a familiar voice on the TV.  Marissa grabbed the remote and turned up the volume.  Bob checked for the umpteenth time that he had their weekly lotto ticket in his pocket – they used the same numbers every week – it was still there. A drum roll began, and the couple held their breath. “10 …. 23 .…7 ….” – they could scarcely believe their eyes, 3 matches so far! – “21 …. 24 …. 39”.  The draw was done.

For a moment nobody moved as the voice repeated the winning numbers, their winning numbers, the 10 million pound jackpot.  Then, as one, they jumped up screaming and laughing and hugging each other.  Wilfred, leapt up, barking exuberantly, but no one paid him any attention, so he lay down again and chewed idly on a little piece of printed paper he had just spotted falling to the ground.