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Just Died Joke

Funny Just Died Funeral Hearse Picture
Funny Just Died Funeral Hearse

"Nice of them to let us out of the asylum, eh?"

"Yeah. It’s been a good day."

"I wonder why they did?"

"The Director apparently likes us."


"Yeah, and he thought it would be good publicity if he let a couple of us saner ones out once in a while. You know, show the good people out there that we’re not a bunch of raving loons. Especially since that last time when Arnie got out and paid a visit to Mrs Gubbins up the road. I can still hear the screaming."


"So... do you think they liked this chap?"

"Who, the stiff?"


"Dunno. Why do you ask?"

"Well, you know, no one else was dancing to the funeral music."

"Yeah, that was strange."