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Pirate's Tale Joke

funny old pirate joke
funny old pirate joke picture

"Excuse me, sir.  Would you mind telling me how you lost your leg?" asked the young mariner, pointing at the old pirate's wooden leg.

"Arrr, me hearty! Twas cooling me feet off in the ocean one fine sunny day, when a shark came and bit me leg clean off!"

"And what about your hand, sir?   How did you lose that?"

"Arrr! Twas fighting off some scurvy attackers trying to take me ship! I fought them off but got me hand cut off."

"And what about your eye?"

"Arrr! Twas lying on a beach sunning meself when a bird flew over and shat in me eye!!"

"You lost an eye from bird shit?"

"Arrr, me hearty!  Twas the first day with me hook!"

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