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Condom, Sir?

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Joe browsed the aisles of the pharmacy nervously.  His girlfriend had invited him to meet her parents over dinner that night at their place, and had promised him an extra special dessert afterwards.  It was to be their first time.

"Can I help you, young man?"

Joe looked up to see an elderly pharmacist.  "Er, no, well, actually, er, yes... I'm looking for... uhm..." 

"Condoms?" offered the pharmacist.

Joe nodded, blushing.

The pharmacist showed him where the condoms were kept, and since Joe was clearly new at this and overwhelmed by the vast range, the old man gently explained the options.  Joe's embarrassment was soon replaced with gratitude, and he made his choice, thanking the pharmacist as he left.

That evening, Joe arrived, smartly dressed, at his girlfriend's house, and rang the doorbell.  His girlfriend opened the door.  "You're late," she hissed. "We're just about to say grace."

"Sorry," replied Joe.  "I couldn't find the place."

She ushered Joe through to the dining room, where the family were already seated.  Joe mumbled his apologies and sat down hurriedly as his girlfriend's father started to say grace. Joe closed his eyes and bowed his head, moving his lips in fervent prayer.

"I didn't know you were religious," whispered his girlfriend to him afterwards.

Joe replied, "I didn't know your dad was a pharmacist."