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Confessional Joke

funny confessional joke picture

Paddy went into confessional and told the priest, "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I have been with loose women."

"Oh dear, Padraig" replied the priest. Who was it? Was it Mary O'Malley?"

"No, Father," said Paddy.

"Was it Niamh O'Farrell?"

"No, Father."

"Was it Sheila Byrne?"

"No, Father."

"Was it Angela O'Flaherty?"

"No, Father."

"Then was it Siobhan McKenna?"

"No, Father."

A few moments later, Paddy emerged from the confessional box and met his friend Seamus.

"What did you get?" whispered Seamus.

"Four Our Fathers, five Hail Marys, and five good leads."